Students and recent grads (0-5 years of experience) are looking for jobs and internships. We help you attract and hire the most qualified, diverse talent — 100% virtually.

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Top employers rely on Jobshive to plug in their criteria and find the perfect candidates anywhere. we’re proud to be your gateway to a community of skilled and engaged talent actively looking for their next great opportunity.

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Job hiring is competitive. Jobshive has a solution for that.
With 92% of our carefully vetted candidates actively looking for new career opportunities, recruiting has never been easier. Jobshive provide you with the same experience you'd enjoy while in your physical office. from collaborating, team management to finances, we got you covered.

Source qualified diverse candidates
on Jobshive

Actively target priority groups to engage the professionals you want to hire.

Targeted search and segments

Find your ideal candidates by applying nearly 15 filters like skills and location preference.

Custom recruiter messages at scale

Encourage the right candidates to apply by personalizing your outreach in just a few clicks.

End-to-end candidate attribution

Track your entire candidate lifecyle—from CRM to ATS—by reviewing your full engagement history.


Increase your overall brand awareness by giving your open jobs the boost they deserve.

Forget hiring hassles.
Do it all on Jobshive.

From finding candidates and scheduling interviews, to online contracts and paying your new team member: we’ve got you covered.


  • Smart matching

  • Interview scheduling

  • Respectful rejection

  • Invite team members

  • Talent Support (to help)


  • Offer negotiation

  • Identify verification/vetting

  • Reference checking

  • Contract signing

  • Payment setup


  • Timesheets

  • Productivity support

  • Seamless payment

  • Tracking

  • Support Manager

Short term, interim or permanent

Part-time, full time, remote or on-site: optimise your hire to suit your business needs.

A few months

Whether to cover team leave or a large project, get the expertise for the time you need. Rehire easily, start or stop.

A few days a week or month

Choose how many days a week or month you need your new hire to work, they will invoice you every month accordingly.


Whether full time or part-time, there are professionals waiting to meet those needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hiring with Jobshive really free?

Unlike a retainer with a Search firm, or a big 30% of annual salary invoice for recruiter commission, the Jobshive platform is free to use and select from our community of professional students, with the support of our Talent Manager and AI matching tools, until you find the right person.

How do you make money?

10% service fee on all payments to professionals. This includes payment processing and administration fees. There is also a refundable $100 service fee when you send an employment offer to the students. We do this to ensure companies act in good faith, which protects our students. This is refunded automatically if the contract is not signed.

Is using Jobshive really up to 4x faster to hire?

Yes! The average time from job posting to employment is 28 working days, according to our customer interviews and industry reports. Jobshive’s average placement takes just 7 days from job post, through the interview process to hiring.