We've experienced this problem first hand.

Finding and getting a job isn't quite easy, but not to worry,  we are here to go though the stress on your behalf. At Jobshive, getting a job is not about your Nationality, Gender, Age or Connections;  it's about your passion, your skill, and above all your motivations.

Jobshive was established as a discovery channel between the employers and the employees; that is, employees getting discovered by employers. From getting a paid job while in college to your first, second and many more as a graduate. Jobshive is not only there to help you find a job but also to do a follow up on the job and see to it that employees perform their task diligently. And we also make sure that the jobs we recommend will benefit you as much as they will benefit the company. Because finding you a job that you love is our inspiration.

We can confidently say that helping students and graduates find a true job is our goal and major priority.

All the best,

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